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Welcome to Admissions at KVCC

The Admissions staff are available to discuss your educational interests and our academic programs and student support services.
Academic, financial aid and support services are here on campus to help you succeed-from application to graduation.  Meet with an admissions advisor to learn more about majors, a typical class schedule, KVCC costs and how to apply for financial aid.
To receive our admissions informational packet or to complete an application for admission online visit Apply to KVCC. On this page you will find resource links as well as upcoming events and important announcements.

Make an appointment

Want to make an appointment with one of our admissions staff?
                CJ McKenna, Assistant Dean of Enrollment:
                207-453-5155 or 800-528-5882 ext 5155

                Enrollment Services Center, Frye Building, Office 109


                Teresa Smith, Director of Enrollment and Advising:

                207-453-5082 or 800-528-5822 ext 5082


                Enrollment Services Center, Frye Building, Office 107


                Carrie Dionne, Enrollment Student Navigator:

                207-453-5815 or 800-528-5822 ext 5015


                Enrollment Services Center, Frye Building, Office 103