All KVCC Students have access to Office 365.  Using your KVCC email account Office 365 may be downloaded on up to five devices.  Please open the PDF below for more information and instructions. More information on Office 365 is found in the Lynx Links portion of the Student_Registration and Orientation class in Blackboard. 

O365 Office Install.pdf

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The learning management system that we use for on line classes is Brightspace.

Click here for access to Brightspace.



Your KVCC email account is an Outlook account.  The link below will take you to the login page for Outlook.  It is important to check your email often. If you would prefer to have email on your phone or forwarded to another email account, please use the resources in the Lynx Links section of your Student_Orientation and Registration class in Blackboard. 

Link to KVCC email

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Please report any technical difficulties to the KVCC IT Support Services.


Phone: (207) 453-5079