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KVCC offers a wide variety of services and programs to assist students throughout their educational journey.
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KVCC211: Community Resource List

The link below provides a list of community resources and services located within a twenty-five mile radius of the College to help those who may be in crisis or may benefit from outside support.

It is intended as a resource guide not complete and comprehensive list of all community services that may be available to all students. Please note: If you have an emergency you should always call 911.

This resource directory was prepared with funding from a KVCC Foundation Mini-Grant.


KVCC 211: Community Resource List

For general information on student services, contact:

                  CJ McKenna, Dean of Students

                  Frye Building, Room 131
For information on student events and activities, contact: 
                  Jannie Durr, Director of Student Life
                  Averill Hall, Room 108