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Restoration Carpentry (SDB 211)

Term: 2021-2022 AY - Fall Semester


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This course will introduce students to the profession of restoration carpentry, a specialized and sought-after skillset with philosophical approaches; ethical protocols; and, in some instances, legal standards. The course will be divided into three learning units:
1. Philosophical, Ethical, and Legal Considerations for the Restoration Carpenter
2. Basic Repair Skills
3. Maintenance Planning and Skills
The hands-on portion of this course will help the student develop basic repair and maintenance skills. Classroom lessons will address the context of their work by introducing cyclical maintenance plans, historic structures reports, planning and budgeting, and the differences in regulation of Federal, state, and local historic districts and sites. Restoration carpentry will run back to back with SDB207 Finish Carpentry. One saturday class is required.
Prerequisites: SDB104 Corequisites: None